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About Alternative Health Solutions MD Inc.

Alternative Health Solutions MD Inc. provides alternative and complementary health care, specializing in the relaxation therapies shown below. We handle health issues, such as pain management, weight-loss, children’s issues, academic issues, sports performance, stress & anxiety, increasing success, self-esteem, and more! We always tailor the treatment to every client that comes through our door. We strongly adhere to holistic philosophy in medicine, therefore you, the client will expect personal care, will be expected to help us help you by being actively-engaged in your treatment. We believe that the body has the ways and means to heal itself and we help it along through various techniques in relaxation.

We share our office space with practitioners in physical therapies and massage, which help enhance our services as well for those who come to see us.

Our medical staff:

Dr. John Benitez

Dr. John Benitez

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